Building Chicken Coops Guide Reviewed

The Building Chicken Coops Guide, by Norman Nelson, is a step-by-step guide available for digital download. It teaches just about anyone how to build a roomy chicken coop from scratch that is both cheap and predator proof. It is a complete package that contains all the tips and tricks required to plan and build a chicken coop with minimum effort (even for a do-it-yourself newbie) and save hundreds of dollars in the process.

The Building Chicken Coops Guide is packed with the following information:

What You Need to Know Beforehand

The Building Chicken Coops Guide provides you with information such as 5 essential features of chicken coops, 18 tips that you should know before attempting to build your own chicken coop, and the amenities that you need to provide for your chickens.

Chicken Coop Plans

The 22 chicken coop plans listed in the Building Chicken Coops Guide are perfectly suited even for those having no carpentry skills. The plans are replete with the tools that are required for building the coop and the plans come with different configurations and capacities. Chicken coop plans for ‘small’ units that can house up to 5 birds and those that are ‘large’ and can hold dozens of birds are available. The style, design and size of the coop help to influence the egg-laying behavior positively.

Additional Information

Information is included on the types of roofing, flooring and bedding that is right for your chickens. You can also get to know about the different methods of sanitizing the coop and how to prevent the chicken from falling prey to potentially deadly diseases.

Value-for-money Chicken Coops

The designs of the roomy and predator-proof chicken coops that you can build cost only a fraction of the pre-fabricated variety. They give great value for money and help you to save hundreds of dollars that could go into the raising of healthy chickens.

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Currently Available Bonus With Purchase

If you buy this package now it comes with five free bonus guides (current offer) that will help you get the most out of the download and become a chicken-raising expert.

  • The first guide ‘Raising and Caring for Chickens’ gives a thorough insight into chicken care and information about the optimum conditions that will encourage healthy growth.
  • The ‘Chicken Disease Guide’ lists all diseases that chickens are most prone to develop, parasites that cause them, and tips on how to help them maintain good health.
  • ‘Chicken Coop Materials’ tells you all about the materials that you require for building chicken coops, how to source cheap coop building materials, and the optimum amount that you should spend on your coop.
  • The fourth bonus guide ‘Chicken Coop Tools’ gives information on the basic tools required for building the coop, where to source the best quality tools from, how to stop yourself from buying the wrong tools, and how to best store your tools to prevent damage.
  • The ‘Chicken Breeds’ Guide is an illustrated guide that has pictures of different chicken breeds.

The ‘Building Chicken Coops Guide‘ also comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee in addition to zero shipping costs. The bonus guides can be downloaded immediately after you download the guide.

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