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Fixed Or Mobile Chicken Coop?

Have you been planning to build a home chicken coop and begin raising chickens? Raising backyard chickens is becoming more popular – for some as a hobby and others for fresh eggs. When you’re ready to build a chicken coop, you should first of all decide whether you need a fixed or mobile chicken coop. […]

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Portable A-frame chicken coop

Portable Chicken Coop – What Are The Benefits

Also referred to as a chicken tractor or an ark, a portable chicken coop is movable. This allows the chickens to move to a new spot/pasture every day. Construction of A Portable Chicken Coop There are diverse ways of constructing mobile chicken coops by using many different materials. However, many of the basic guidelines that […]

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raising backyard chickens

The Benefits of Raising Chickens

Most people believe that raising chickens is all about getting serious. Even though raising chickens may need a dash of diligence and perseverance, its rewards are something that’s worth getting excited about. If you are among those chicken raising skeptics, you may want to take a look at the benefits of owning chickens listed below. […]

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raising chickens

Raising Backyard Chickens

Raising one chicken can be a piece of cake for some people especially for those who have some form of past experiences regarding raising other livestock. Raising a group of chickens on the other hand can be the opposite if not done correctly. Taking into consideration that the lives of a lot of hens are […]

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raising backyard chickens

Feeding Your Chickens

When it comes to keeping and raising backyard chickens most people tend to seriously over-complicate things … and that often means wasting money on unnecessary equipment. Chickens are extremely easy to raise, and at a basic level all they really need are two things… Food Shelter Here are just a few examples of things you […]

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