Chicken Coop Plans

Choosing the design and plans for your chicken coop will depend very much on how many chickens you’d like to raise and how much space you have available for the hen house. Chicken coop plans available for download are generally categorized as small, medium or large plus portable or stationary.

Chicken coop – Small

This type of a coop can house up to 3 or 4 birds and is quick and easy to construct. It can also be easily made into a portable model that can be readily relocated. There are many designs available for chicken coops of this size.

Chicken Coop – Medium

A coop of this size is generally adequate to house 8 to 10 birds. It needs to be five times as big as the ‘small’coop. It is often preferable to build a medium sized chicken coop at a height of two or three feet above the ground. A medium chicken coop is also different in many ways when compared to a small one. They have nesting boxes and roosting bars as well as floors made of wire mesh. They are not big enough for you to walk into them. The nesting boxes should be latched to make the collection of eggs easier. You can choose from many stilted chicken coop designs.

Chicken coop – Large

These coops are designed to hold a minimum of 25 birds or even larger numbers. They are made big enough so that a person can walk inside to clean them. It is difficult to build these large sized coops on stilts due to their size and weight. You can choose from many of the designs that are available for chicken coops of this size.

Chicken Coop – Portable/Fixed

Having a portable or mobile chicken coop is the answer when you want to move the coop around. This is particularly attractive if you have a small number of birds that you want to keep as pets. Maintenance of a portable coop is easier and the birds can be moved to a new pasture whenever required.

Once the style of chicken coop has been decided, it is time to look into the details of building it. Most plans are available on the internet for minimum cost and include detailed instructions that run like a do-it-yourself manual. The plans come complete with detailed material lists, list of tools required, step-by-step walkthroughs, colored illustrations, 3-D views, floor plans and often video instructions. Instructions should also be included for accessories such as feeders, nesting boxes, etc.

Most of the items as specified in the plans are available at the local hardware store. Some stores will even saw the wood to the specified sizes. Building your own chicken coop then becomes an easy weekend project.

Here are our recommended chicken coop plans. They can be downloaded immediately:


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