Fixed Or Mobile Chicken Coop?

Home chicken coopHave you been planning to build a home chicken coop and begin raising chickens? Raising backyard chickens is becoming more popular – for some as a hobby and others for fresh eggs. When you’re ready to build a chicken coop, you should first of all decide whether you need a fixed or mobile chicken coop. Whereas a fixed coop may be preferred by some, a mobile coop can be more useful.

The first consideration is that a mobile chicken coop is easier and less expensive to build. Listed below are some further considerations that you can keep in mind when deciding on the type of  coop to build.

Maintaining the Garden

Make no mistake about it … chickens in a coop will quickly dig up the garden beneath their coop. They naturally scratch and dig for bugs and dig up the grass in the process. A mobile coop can easily be moved to a new location and the garden will quickly recover.

Flock Size

Whether you require a fixed coop or a mobile one depends to a large extent on the size of the flock. A mobile chicken coop is suitable for up to six chickens. A stationary coop is most suited for a larger flock. Four to six chickens is usually enough for the average family.


It is much easier to maintain a coop that is movable. It is possible to transport your coop to a convenient location to clean it. Cleaning a fixed coop is always more challenging.

Easy to Construct

It is easy to construct a mobile chicken coop. It can be done in a matter of a few hours or over the weekend. There are detailed designs available on the Internet, including plans and step-by-step how-to-build video instructions. Many of the plans are free to use, and there are paid resources as well.

Space Saver

A mobile chicken coop is the ideal solution if space is at a premium. It occupies much less space than a stationary coop.

Protection from the Elements

If you are geographically located in an area that experiences extremes of, having a mobile chicken coop can be helpful. The coop can be moved to a safer place as soon as the weather turns bad. This is not possible if the coop is fixed. The local climate is, therefore, an important factor that needs to be considered.


Do you and your family have to relocate with your job from time to time? You can still raise chickens if you have a mobile chicken coop and it can be easily transported to your new home.

Raising backyard chickens can be fun for the whole family so choose your chicken coop well and you’ll raise a healthy happy brood of hens that will reward you with plenty of fresh eggs. And, whenever possible, let your chickens out of their coop so they can free range around the garden.

The following chicken coop plans have proved popular with our readers. You can either build your mobile chicken coop yourself or arrange for someone to build it for you.

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